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Advantages of new build French property

New build French property is ideal for overseas buyers

At Sunny French Property we are convinced that new build French property is ideal for buyers who are buying from far away. There is no supervision of works since it is done by the developer itself, no expensive and time consuming comings and goings to France. Your property is being built while you are doing something else, somewhere else. There are so many testimonies of British people having spent years on their French property project, between the search and the renovation hassle that we deem it worth mentioning!

French new homes complies with a secure buying procedure

Peace of mind is the second advantage of buying a new build French property, all the more than it obeys a secure and regulated procedure very protective of consumers’ interests. Unlike some countries where it has become trendy to invest, France is a safe place since there is a financial guarantee of completion and of back payment.

Financial advantages of French off plan property

The third set of advantages of a new build French property is a handful of financial benefits such as stage payments, no estate agent fees, lower refundable deposit and lower notary fees than for a resale French property. Also, as a new build French property is ready to move into there are not those extra and uncertain costs linked to a renovation. Maintenance and running costs are lower too.

French new homes offer the quality of a well-designed home

The fourth set of advantages lies in the quality of a well and professionally designed home which is being built under the latest regulations, with modern comfort and safety, with lower energy costs, and also easier to use and to let.

New build French property provides an extensive choice

The fifth set of advantages is an extensive choice of property types, sizes and styles from which it is easier to choose because easier to compare. New homes are decorated in a rather neutral style that can generally be personalised. In some cases the charm of old timely features can be injected.

Living the French way of life

And last but not least, buying a new build French property may enable to make friends with the ‘natives’ since new developments are sold for more than 70% on the domestic market. So, if part of the pleasure in buying a French property is integrating into the French community this will come more easily in a new development.