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Montpellier between historical centre and coastline (MontOz)

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Live the third millennium version of Montpellier right between the lively historical centre and the seashore, conveniently close to the airport and next to the future TGV train station.

Luxury, peace and quiet

Residence with swimming pool, pool house, fountain, landscaped gardens with mediterranean vegetation and a very artistic Baroque entrance hall.

The 7 intimate 3 storey buildings on this superb estate opening onto a large public park, are each comprised of about 20 apartments, from one-bedroom to 4/5-bedroom units. Branching out onto large balconies, which are like extra living rooms bathed in sun, these luminous dwellings are all equipped with the finest fixtures and amenities that have earned the developer such a good reputation. They also meet all the BBC standards for energy efficiency. This is why they are sure to deliver the highest quality comfort, well-being and security that you expect from a luxury property development.

Good to know:  your car has its own private underground garage.

Price list :

Price list

1-bedroom apartment: from  161,000 € to  222,000 €

2-bedroom apartment:  245,000 € to  336,000 €

3-bedroom apartment:  391,000 € to  600,000 €

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Other details

Delivery 2nd semester 2015

The best of luxury, modernity, comfort and conveniance of the location between a lively city with strong historical heritage and the mediterranean seashore. The Oz district is definitely a good investment.

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Hérault - Boirargues - Lattes


Montpellier, capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, just 7 miles from the sea, is halfway between Spain and Italy. An ideal stopover for summer holidays or to stay longer.

Located in the heart of a region rich in history and boasting many UNESCO World Heritage sites, Montpellier is a pleasure to explore. A town with an old university tradition, Montpellier is these days a meeting place for cultural, scientific and artistic exchanges. The town has conserved much of its past, with narrow mediaeval streets, grand private houses, the Place Royale (Royal Square)..., delights waiting to be discovered in the completely car-free city centre, ideal for wandering around and exploring. For the gastronomes, many restaurants await you as well as four covered food markets (6 days a week) and a dozen open markets with farmers produce.

Carnon, Palavas or La Grande Motte offer Montpellier the seaside pleasures, including sandy beaches and beach restaurants. Montpellier has definitely the best of both worlds, city and seaside resort.

La Place de la Comédie – Square of the Opera house
This is now the symbol of Montpellier’s dynamic character. With its Opera House, La Comedie, built in 1888 in the same style as the Garnier Opera in Paris, and the statue of the Three Graces, this square, also called The Egg, due to its shape, is the nerve centre of Montpellier. The terraces of the many cafes and restaurants make it a lively place where both students and local residents meet up throughout the day.

La Faculté de Médecine – The Faculty of Medicine
Montpellier has the oldest, still active, school of medicine in the western world (dates from 1220). Illustrious students such as François Rabelais studied here. The school of surgery was founded by two Montpellier doctors, Barthez et Lapeyronnie, whose statues adorn the entrance.

La Cathédrale Saint Pierre – Cathedral of Saint Pierre
Adjoining the faculty of Medicine, Saint Pierre’s Cathedral was built as a church in 1364 at the wish of Pope Urbain V, a former Montpellier student, later to become in 1536 a cathedral. Its two monumental pillars which support the canopied porch, characteristic of the southern Gothic style, are very impressive and gives to the monument the effect of a medieval fortress.

La place  Royale du Peyrou – the Royal square of Peyrou
These French-style gardens were designed in the 18th century around an immense statue of Louis XIV facing the majestic Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch). An elegant water tower, collects the waters of the Saint Clement Aquaduct called "Les Arceaux" (the Arches) and inspired by the famous roman "Pont du Gard". This high point offers a wonderful panoramic view of the north of the town and the Cevennes mountains which seem to be within arm’s reach.

Le Jardin des Plantes – the Botanical Garden
Designated among the the most prestigious botanical gardens in the world, the Botanical Garden was created by Richer de Belleval in 1593 at the request of Henri IV. It is the oldest garden in France.

This modern area of the town, built in the neo-classic style, revisited by the Catalan architect Ricardo Boffill, comprises living accommodation, offices and many businesses. Explore it on foot or by tram.                                                                                                                      

Along the Lez river

Lined with trees and enhanced by pedestrian bridges, the riverbanks offer an ideal place for promenades or bike rides. New sought after residential districts of Lironde or Port Mariane are booming along this precious green space created by the Lez river and its amenities, just a stone's throw from the city centre.                                                                                                                      

The "folies" of Montpellier
In the 18th century, a period of great prosperity, Montpellier hosted all the great administrative bodies (States of Languedoc, Court of the Accounts, Stock Exchange…). This allowed the nobility and gentry to build great town houses in Montpellier and what amounted to small chateaux in the surrounding areas: set in wooded gardens, these ‘follies’ competed with each other in refinement and architectural style. Usually rectangular in shape, the follies tended to be built along austere lines and embellished with carvings. From the house, gardens extended in terraces, adorned with statues and pools. The most original is the chateau de Flaugergues, but also worth seeing are the Mogère and Mosson chateaux. Successions of monumental fountains, aquaducts and gardens refresh the summer mornings.

Montpellier has a lot more to entertain its visitors, a 160 acres zoologic parc with no less than 1300 animals, a giant aquarium, the largest greenhouses in France with its amazonian species, a planetarium with a huge hemispherical screen and last but not least, the Odysseum, a leisure center with movie theaters, karting, bowling...and over a hundred stores for your shopping spree.

Languedoc-Roussillon, a holiday destination that opens onto a mosaic of colours and an astonishing range of traditions and landscapes.

In Camargue, wild herds of white horses run free. In the marshlands, pink flamingos fly overhead whilst herdsmen round up their nimble, black bulls. The lighthouses stand proud, taunting the sea-born formula ones sliding over the frothy waves of the deep blue sea. Giant catamarans leave Port Camargue, shooting forth into the horizon.  

The fishing boats return to their ports trailing a cloud of seagulls in their wake. Along the quays the tourists wait and watch, keen for their sea bass and sea breams. They are intrigued by the jousters perched on the wooden platforms of their red and blue boats.

At the end of a sea inlet travelled by barges, mountains of salt tower over large stretches of red water. A little further on, the dunes rise once more. The beach runs along 200 kilometres with welcoming seaside resorts, havens for naturists, past Sète, with its “singular island” and an air of Venice, unique light along the Côte Vermeille and on to Collioure, a source of inspiration for Picasso and Matisse.

And then there are the straw huts, set in the sand just for summer, where you can eat, taste local wines and sunbathe. They are exotic, trendy, sexy or glamorous. The choice is all yours. The green golf courses of Saint Cyprien or La Grande Motte are just nearby. The hiking trails, sketched into valleys reminiscent of Corsica, look out over the sea and lagoons.

Heading South, the Tramontane winds sweep new, fine, sandy beaches. Kite surfers hooked up to their multicoloured wings rise into the brilliant blue sky. At the edge of the Côte Vermeille, divers weave in and out of the Banyuls or Cerbère seabed, populated with red coral and white skates. The Pyrenees plummet into the blue sea.

At the foot of the stunningly tall cliffs nestle small coves. Coves which, like the beaches, Roman arenas, museums, medieval cities bathed in sunshine…are as many beautiful settings for holidays on the Mediterranean coast.

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This luxury residence is part of the City new district development project of OZ, a 750 acres piece of City land shared between two large parks totalling 450 acres, a campus dedicated to research and innovation, a business park, and the residential development of Urban park.

The new TGV train station opening in 2017 will be within the district of OZ, bringing Paris just 3H10 away from your doorstep. Oz, designed by the City and Dutch urbanist Kees Christiaanse, is also ideally located just 4 miles from the beaches of Carnon and less than 15 mn from Palavas or La Grande Motte. The large and famous shopping centre Millenium is also conveniently nearby. Oz definitely prefigures the new heart of the great city of Montpellier.

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Hérault - Boirargues - Lattes

Well-being & Serenity

The developer has chosen beautiful materials that will last on and on. Top quality was the watchword for all the work done here so you can be sure to enjoy the highest level of satisfaction and comfort.

Energy efficiency: this  property was developed with an entirely sustainable approach. It has been BBC-Effinergie® certified, proving its energy efficiency and high performance insulation. An essential characteristic for long term investment satisfaction.

To ensure all residents’ peace of mind and full-time security,  a complete system is installed to control the various entrances to the apartment buildings and car parks, including semi- armored anti-burglar entry door opening with secure keys,
videophone, secure parking with electronic access and bright lights.

Specifications:  Modern, premium quality services

  • Fitted bathrooms with integrated vanity top, mirror and luminaire, equipped with towel dryer.
  • Bedroom with fitted wardrobes including drawers, hangers and shelves.
  • Electrically operated aluminium shutters with both individual and centralized commands
  • High quality large or very large tiling in the living room
  • Telephony and media distribution throughout the partment: high speed broadband, IT network, television…
  • Wireless fire alarm system, incorporating smoke alarm with smartphone remote control
  • Concierge on the estate


  1. Setting up your fully fitted kitchen
  2. Custom design closets
  3. Integration of a home cinema system
  4. Installation of a safe
  5. Alarm system

The developers offers you to meet its interior designer
and make your future home , the apartment of your dreams.

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Hérault - Boirargues - Lattes

Example of one-bedroom apartment

50 sqm of living space, one bedroom, bathroom with tub, separate toilets and a 24 sqm living-room & kitchen extended by a 12,6 sqm terrace (3x4 shape) opening on the south side.

Example of two-bedroom apartment

70 sqm of living space, two bedrooms, bathroom with tub, separate toilets and a 28 sqm living-room & kitchen extended by a 29 sqm terrace (3x9 shape) opening on the west side  with 4 sqm storage room.

Example of three-bedroom apartment

88 sqm of living space, three bedrooms, one bathroom, one showerroom, separate toilets and a 28 sqm living-room & kitchen extended by a 54 sqm L shape terrace opening on both south and west side, with 5 sqm storage room.


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Hérault - Boirargues - Lattes


Montpellier has excellent road, rail and air links.

By car

It's served by two motorways (A9 via Lyon or Toulouse, A75 via Clermont-Ferrand and the Millau viaduct)

By train

There are several daily services, either by regular trains or TGV, which gets you from Paris to Montpellier in 3 hours and 15 mn

By plane

Montpellier Airport is located between the city and the sea. Daily flights to and from Paris (1h10) and many other destinations.

Regional Guide Lifestyle, culture, traditions and photos of the region around Montpellier.
Regional Guide Lifestyle, culture, traditions and photos of the region around Montpellier.
Regional Guide Lifestyle, culture, traditions and photos of the region around Montpellier.
Regional Guide Lifestyle, culture, traditions and photos of the region around Montpellier.
Regional Guide Lifestyle, culture, traditions and photos of the region around Montpellier.

Regional Guide Lifestyle, culture, traditions and photos of the region around Montpellier.
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Montpellier between historical centre and coastline - Boirargues - Lattes - Hérault (MontOz)

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