Sunny climate


With an average of over 1900 hrs of sunshine per year or in other words more than 160 days of sunshine per year  Aude is among the sunniest places in France. I
Winter climate is mild on the coast but more extreme in the hinterland.
The average day temperature recorded in Carcassonne are the following: (2009 - Météofrance)

  • Average day temperature in summer: 29°C
  • Average day temperature in automn: 15 °C
  • Average day temperature in winter: 12 °C
  • Average day temperaturein spring: 22 °C

Aude can be very windy. The "Tramontane", Languedoc's equivalent to Provence's famous "Mistral", can blow for days on end. This is the counterpart for having a sunny climate. This is also the reason why it is a hotspot known all over Europe for wind surf and kyte surf


Easy access from the UK & Ireland

  • Airports: 6 international airports are located within a 3 hrs driving distance: Perpignan, Carcassonne, Béziers, Montpellier, Nîmes, and Girona (Spain) airports with direct flights to/from the UK and Ireland on Ryanair, BmiBaby, Easyjet and Flybe.
  • Motorways: A62 from Bordeaux to Toulouse becomes A61 in Carcassone and at the junction in Narbonne becomes A9 and leads all the way down to the Spanish border along the coastline or up North towards Montpellier.
  • Railway: TGV serves Narbonne station with direct TGV train to and from Paris-Gare de Lyon in 4h30.