Access and climate

A mild climate


Charente maritime enjoys a blessed geographical position for the British, not too far for an easy access but far enough to offer a sunny and mild climate. As a matter of fact Charente maritime is the 4th French region for sunshine after Corsica, Côté d’Azur and Languedoc Roussillon. The average sunshine duration is around 2,200 hrs per year. Being maritime, the climate is very mild, not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter and being atlantic the weather is variable and can change at every tide; you can have different weathers in the same day, a sunny morning followed by a shower in the afternoon or the other way round but always a bit of sun.
Apart from the occasional winter storm, this mild climate gives life in Charente maritime a feeling of peacefulness.

  • 2,200 hrs of sunshine per year (2015 - Météo France)
  • Average summer day temperature: 23,6°C
  • Average sring day temperature: 18,5°C
  • Average winter day temperature: 13°C
  • Average automne day temperature: 15,7°C


Easy access from the UK


There are two international airports:

- Poitiers airport operates flights to London Stansted (Ryanair) and Edinbourgh (Ryanair).

- La Rochelle airport operates flights to Birmigham (Flybe), Bristol (Easyjet), Cork (Aerlingus and Ryanair), Dublin (Ryanair), Edinbourgh (Jet 2), Glasgow (Flybe), Leeds (Jet 2), London Gatwick (Easyjet), London Stansted (Ryanair), Manchester (Flybe), Southampton (Flybe).

- The region is easily reached by train too with TGV/Eurostar connections: London Paris: 2h15 + Paris La Rochelle: 3h15

- Motorway is also an option: Paris - La Rochelle 4h45 or Caen-La Rochelle 4h20