Our "carnet d'adresses"

SHOPPING: what's really typical over there

Basque linen ("toiles basques" or "linge basque"): the traditional green or red striped basque linen has been revamped in joyful colours and modern patterns by such brands as Artiga, Jean Vier, Tissage de Luz or Euskal linge. Ideal to furnish a new home ... and anyway you can't resist their appeal so no need to look for an excuse!

Sportswear: the locally-born brand 64 (after the cars' plate number for Pyrénees Atlantiques) is a must have, a sign of belonging to the place!

Food & beverage: Bayonne cured ham, preserves of traditional basque recipes ("veau axoa", "piment d'Espelette"...). Basque cider is really part of the local culture and you should taste at least once in a "cidrerie" (or "sagarnotegia" in basque language).

WHERE TO EAT: a few addresses that we particularly like

Saint Jean de Luz: Zoko Moko, Chez Kako      Bidart: La Tantina de la Playa     Aïnhoa: Auberge Alzate    Ciboure: Chez Mattin    Socoa: Pantxoa Urrugne: Ferme Lizzaraga    Ahetze: La Ferme Ostalapia   Hendaye: La Cabane du pêcheur   Saint Jean Pied de Port: Hurrup eta Klik