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The advantages of new build property in France: a guarantee of quality

Latest building regulations

In new build properties latest building regulations are adhered to. New build always features double glazing, strong thermal and sound insulation, most of the time fitted kitchens and bathrooms. New build French property obeys stringent regulations and is controlled at various stages of the building process by independent agencies.

Building new properties in France is a process that always follows a very standard template. (see details…)

Construction is a strictly regulated sector and it will be more and more so given its impact on global warming.

Lower energy related costs:

New build offers lower energy related costs and is more environmentally friendly. Not all developers build according to “green” principles but as a minimum they must comply with the latest regulation. The current French regulation on thermal insulation is called RT 2005 and allows for up to 15% more energy efficiency compared to the previous RT 2000 regulation.

The RT law was further tightened in 2008. As a result of changes in regulation, over the last 30 years the energy consumption of new build has fallen by 50%.* A new thermal regulation is to be implemented as of 2013 which requires the use of renewable sources. This new regulation will make buildings matters even more complicated which makes it easier to leave it to professionals. Furthermore, sound insulation is the field where construction regulation has evolved the most over the last 20 years. By buying new build you are buying a state of the art property.
* source ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et la Maîtrise de l’Energie)

Further to this stringent regulation, some of our partners have chosen extra quality checks going beyond legal requirements. The most used “labels” in France are Vivrélec, Qualitel, Habitat & Environement, HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale).

Low maintenance and low running costs :

Since the building is new and built according to the latest building norms and equipment running costs will be as low as you can expect. Furthermore you needn’t worry about significant outlays of money for many years. The only expenses that you have to foresee are electricity, heating, co-ownership charges and local taxes as for any other property. So, no nasty surprises.

In some residential developments extra facilities such as communal gardens, or a swimming pool are available but they will be managed by the co-ownership management company ("copropriété’" so you won’t have to spend the first days of your holidays mowing and scrubbing a pool filled with seaweed.

Easier to let:

Whether you want to rent it short term or long term, when winter comes an old stone house will be much less well insulated and hard to heat than a new build home. So, a new build home is more suitable for winter rentals. In addition, developments are usually closer to amenities.