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The advantages of new build property in France: a personalised home in a wide choice of properties

An extensive choice of property type, styles and sizes

If you like the location of a development under construction you can be sure to find a house or a flat inside this development provided you are quick enough to book. This makes the choice much easier as compared to resale property where the town, surroundings and the property itself change every time.

You might like the town and the surroundings but not the property. Or you love the property but the surroundings are a deterrent. Also, in the case of resale properties, you might be interested in a house or flat but it turns out to be already sold.

As a matter of fact if a property is for sale on the French domestic market there are chances that it won’t stay very long on a website. Nevertheless on French property portals it is possible to find houses that have been on the market for 18 months.

Why is that? Either they are no longer for sale and you are loosing time in your selection process or if they are still for sale you might wonder why they have remained so long for sale. Have they been put on the French domestic market too? If not why?

When buying new build, you don’t lose time in selecting your French properties because there are many available at the same time in the same development, so you’ll probably find one that suits you provided the other factors already suit you.

And in the meantime, because you buy early something that is not yet built you can customise your interior according to your tastes and needs.

A personalised home

If you buy your new home early on some changes in plans and layout are allowed by most developers at an extra cost. Choices of covering and flooring are usually available from the range offered by the developer and some equipment may be changed too.

Nevertheless remember you are buying in a development which means that all plots are built at the same time and the works follow a precise schedule. The developers have a precise list of what changes are possible and when. For technical reasons there are features that cannot be changed past a certain point.

For instance, when the electrical wiring has been drawn it might be too late to change the partitions. If you buy early you will be able to make changes but the closer you buy to completion the least choices you will have. Some changes are absolutely impossible (creating a new window, placing a spa on a terrace for instance) because it is technically not feasible.

Bear in mind too that you are not buying a 100% custom-built new home but a home built alongside many others and following a standardised process. Therefore some other changes are possible but you may have to pay extra because this is interfering with a standardised process. Some other changes like choosing the tiling or colour of the paintings are generally free.

But you must be aware that what may appear now as a constraint also affords you valuable peace of mind: the counterpart is that everything is taken care of by someone else, all you need to worry about is moving in. Those who have experienced renovating a property certainly appreciate this luxury. Bear in mind also that normally very little changes are necessary for the reasons explained below.

A well-designed home

Interior fittings are designed according to modern ways of life. Interiors are designed by architects: this ensures that use of space is optimised. Apartments usually have vast terraces, those which are located on the ground floor often have a small private garden.

The specifications of the development itself are of good quality with communal gardens with automatic watering and are delivered already planted with local vegetation, a swimming pool, parking plots enough. Usually they are gated and a care taker manages the communal gardens and swimming pool. They offer a very pleasant frame of life.

Moreover new build property interiors are decorated in a neutral style which is not the case when buying a resale property; everyone dreams of the charm of a nicely renovated stone farm….This is a very limited percentage of the French property market and it is always (and will remain) expensive because it is rare and the stock is not renewed.

But the stone-renovated farm ideal is far from reality. Most houses or apartments that you will find have been build in the 50’s or later. You will be lucky to find a property which doesn’t require too much renovation work but in reality it is highly improbable that you will find one with a décor that perfectly suits your taste. By contrast, when buying new build you only have to choose your own furniture.

New build property is also more likely to have available all modern ways of communication such as broadband internet. If you are a self-employed worker commuting between France & the UK or grand-parents wishing to stay ‘online’ with their grand-children this might be worth considering.

On top of offering modern convenience new homes are particularly suitable for people with impaired mobility or for elderly people (furthermore when purchasing you can incorporate from the start features that will make life easier when you get older).