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The advantages of new build French property: a touch of 'real France'

Now that British investment in French property is a few decades old, the following pitfalls are well-known :

Geographic isolation

Spending a wonderful summer in an isolated village in the heart of the Lot or the Dordogne has its downside, for it also means spending long winter months in a lonely deserted countryside. Some British buyers report having resold their lonely farm to come closer to towns where there are activities all year round and not only in the high season.

For those who plan to retire in their French property, geographic isolation can become a hassle/burden when old age comes. Many Brits who have bought 20 years ago report difficulties accessing medical facilities. The topic of ‘medical desert’ is one frequently discussed in France and the will to maintain a rural life is always balanced with the costs.

Even if it is not a pleasant thought, it is realistic to think that when old age comes it is better to be near a medium-sized town with medical facilities to hand.

Social isolation

Surprising as it may seem, one of the many reasons why the British like to live in France, is because of the French themselves! Yes they like them (hum I should say ‘us’)!! So if part of the pleasure is to integrate into a French community, this will be much easier if you don’t live in a lonely part of the countryside.

That’s why buying a property in a new build development is a good idea. First you will have more opportunities to meet the ‘natives’ because 70% of French off plan properties are sold to the domestic market. Besides most developments being located in medium-sized communities or towns, you might ‘enroll’ in such activities as sports clubs, a reading club, language lessons, a gardening club… where you will make friends, probably French.