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Why buy with us?
  • Careful selection of property portfolio thanks to former experience in development
  • Bilingual independent and free purchasing help and after sales service
  • Focus on South of France and in-depth local knowledge
  • Specialist in new build French property with insider knowledge
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Registered estate agent under French law with prior experience in property development
  • A one-stop-service based in France: no need to ‘hand you over’ to someone else
  • Based in South of France where you plan to buy
of new  build
  • Guaranteed quality : latest building regulations
  • Peace of mind : secure and regulated buying procedure
  • Financial advantages : refundable deposit
  • Peace of mind : financial guarantee of completion
  • Guaranteed quality : modern comfort and safety in well-designed home
  • Financial advantages : lower notary fees
  • A personalised home in a wide choice of properties
  • Financial advantages : better resale & letting potential
  • Peace of mind : a ready-to-move-in property
  • Guaranteed quality : easier to let property
  • Financial advantages : no estate agent fee
  • Financial advantages : no uncertain & extra costs of renovation
  • Financial advantages : reduced land taxes
  • A personalised home in a wide choice of properties : an extensive choice of property style, type and size
  • Financial advantages : stage payments
  • Guaranteed quality : lower energy costs
  • Financial advantages : low maintenance and running costs
  • Peace of mind : no renovation hassle

Advantages of custom built French villas

On top of the advantages of any new build French property (these are stated in our Advantages of new build French property section), there are some additional advantages to buying a French custom-built house.

Traditional charm and architecture with modern comfort

The builders we have chosen to work with provide models in local architecture, so that you have all the advantages of a modern house but along with the charm of a traditional and stylish design, with period features such as natural stones walls, wrought iron details, fireplace, exposed beams …
If what you like in French property is local traditional architecture you are not obliged to buy a ruined barn for its antique looks and charms, and then make do with the antique comfort and problems that come along! You can have a brand new house with timeless charm right from the start. There is now a large variety of building material which offer the genuine looks of old ones. 


A great flexibility in the choice of your French house

Furthermore your brand new house will be built to your specifications and you can personalise it as much as your budget allows you. Buying a French new home is probably the most flexible way of finding the French house of your dreams. You just have to choose the plot where you want a house to be built. Once you have selected the builder you can build any model on the chosen plot. So it means that you just have to look for a piece of land that meets your requirements and then more or less any type of house can be built on it. This offers more choice than when you look for a resale property, because when buying resale, you have to combine more factors: you have to like the immediate surroundings, the town or village and then find a house than corresponds more or less to your expectations. Or the other way round, find a house that you like for its own characteristics and then see if the area, and immediate surroundings suit you.

Safe and regulated buying procedure

As for French residential developments or French leaseback developments the buying procedure of a custom-built new home in France is regulated by law. Any building contract has to comply with the French Building Code. In the case of custom-built French house the buying procedure is regulated by the Act N° 90-1129 of December 19th, 1990.
It provides security and peace of mind to buyers by including:
- guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and within agreed timeline (“garantie de livraison à prix et délais convenus”)
- guarantee of perfect or faultless completion (“garantie de parfait achèvement”) is a one-year guarantee that covers any disorder that might occur during one year after the property delivery.
- guarantee of proper functioning (“garantie biennale ou garantie de bon fonctionnement”) is a two-year fixtures and fittings warranty that ensures the proper working of equipments inside your home (eg: heating, window frames…) after the delivery.
- ten-year structural guarantee (“garantie décennale”) covering all construction faults undermining the solidity of the building or anything that would render it unsuitable for habitation.
These last 2 guarantees have a counterpart called ‘assurance dommages-ouvrage’ which the buyer has to subscribe before start of works or that the builder may subscribe on their client’s behalf. It enables works to be undertaken and paid by the insurance company without waiting to know which professional is responsible for the defect. This insurance starts at the mere report of damages. This insurance is transmitted from one owner to the following and is valid for ten years.

A regulated building contract

Some mentions must legally be included in the building contract such as: designation of the building plot, statement that the project complies with the building rules, the technical specifications of the house (including adaptation works on the ground, connection to utilities, and all works necessary for implementation and use of the house), the house plan, the price, the payment stages, statement that planning permission has been granted, details on financing, start of works date, works time frame and penalties in case of late delivery, certificate of the “dommages-ouvrage” insurance, certificate from the builder of guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and within agreed timeline.

A guaranted quality

Despite the many conditions reports now compulsory in the conveyancing of a resale French property, there is no technical guarantee that you buy a house in proper condition. Such is not the case when buying a new build French property where the latest building regulations are adhered to. A new built house is more ‘transparent’ than an old one.

Financial advantages

Last but not least comes a set of financial advantages in buying a new built French house.
There is no VAT on the building land but only on the building of the house. As a difference from buying from a property developer where VAT is paid on the whole (land + house).
There is a stamp duty only on the building plot (around 8%) but not on the house.
As a difference with most resale houses a new built house does not require any upgrading (electricity, plumbing, heating, isolation) and you needn’t worry about significant works for many years. Running costs will be lower than for a resale property.
A French new house will have lower energy related costs and is more environmentally friendly. The current French regulation on thermal insulation is called RT 2005 and allows for up to 15% more energy efficiency compared to the previous RT 2000 regulation. The RT law was further tightened in 2008. As a result of changes in regulation, over the last 30 years the energy consumption of new build has fallen by 50%.

A new and more stringent regulation called RT 2012 has been enforced since January 2013.