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Bilingual independent and free purchasing help and after sales service

A free service from reservation to handing over the keys

Contrary to resale, when buying new build the fee is not paid by the buyer. Instead the estate agent is paid by the seller (here the property developer). So our service is free of charge and you will pay the same price buying through us as you would through the developer. Buying from us ensures you of an extra service that is not available with French property developers. They are not used to dealing with foreign customers since more than 70% of new developments are sold to the domestic market.
We provide you a free bilingual service before, during and after the purchase.

  • Before: we will answer any questions you might have on the development or the region, to help you pick the best. We can help you with travelling arrangements. Should you be lost in the variety of choices France offers we can provide our views on the regions we specialise in. We can meet you and organise with you a tour of the sites you have selected with us.
  • During: we liaise between you and the developer for any questions that might occur between the reservation and the deed of sale.
  • After: once the deed of sale is signed you are officially the owner of your new property. Nevertheless our service doesn’t stop here. Should you wish to add bespoke options we can assist you in discussing these when meeting the developer. We can also assist you during the property delivery.

Independent service

Property developers have an incentive to try to sell you the developments they hold in stock regardless of your wishes. Our interest is also to sell you a property, however we have a wider selection and we will focus on your needs and not a single developer’s stock.