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The technical details of renting your French property short-term

  • As stated before we deal in this section with the most general aspects of a short-term and seasonal lettings of your holiday home. By short term we mean bellow and up to 1 year since after this duration you fall under the category of unfurnished letting for 3, 6 and 9 years. For a pure investment in a buy-to-let property  the rules are different. For an investment in a French leaseback property see our guide on  Characteristics of French leasebacks.


  • If you rent a property that you use personally you fall in the category of furnished letting. We summarize here the basics of furnished lettings regulations and usages in France. We also assume that you will be renting to an international clientele since French generally favour long-term unfurnished lettings (except maybe students). Still your target clientele remains wide: fellow countrymen or holiday makers from Northern Europe who love France but don’t intend to buy here, retirees wishing to spend a few months abroad, people scouting for a property in France or overlooking works etc…