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Why buy with us?
  • Registered estate agent under French law with prior experience in property development
  • Specialist in new build French property with insider knowledge
  • Regular on-site visits
  • A one-stop-service based in France: no need to ‘hand you over’ to someone else
  • Focus on South of France and in-depth local knowledge
  • Based in South of France where you plan to buy
  • Careful selection of property portfolio thanks to former experience in development
  • Bilingual independent and free purchasing help and after sales service
of new  build
  • A personalised home in a wide choice of properties
  • Financial advantages : stage payments
  • Financial advantages : no estate agent fee
  • Peace of mind : secure and regulated buying procedure
  • Peace of mind : a ready-to-move-in property
  • Financial advantages : refundable deposit
  • Guaranteed quality : modern comfort and safety in well-designed home
  • Peace of mind : financial guarantee of completion
  • Peace of mind : no renovation hassle
  • Financial advantages : no uncertain & extra costs of renovation
  • Financial advantages : lower notary fees
  • Financial advantages : better resale & letting potential
  • Guaranteed quality : easier to let property
  • Guaranteed quality : lower energy costs
  • Financial advantages : reduced land taxes
  • Guaranteed quality : latest building regulations
  • Financial advantages : low maintenance and running costs
  • A personalised home in a wide choice of properties : an extensive choice of property style, type and size

Statutory surveys

Along with the tenancy agreement come a few documents that you must provide your tenant.

  • Natural and Technological Risk Statement: normally you should have received one when buying your new home since this document is compulsory for any property purchase in France, if your ‘commune’ (town) has a risk prevention plan. If so, the Natural & Technological Risks Plan states if the town is located in an area with risks of flooding, earthquake, ground movements, drought, avalanches…and for technological risks, toxic risks, thermic risks etc…The risk prevention plan can be consulted at your ‘mairie’ (city hall) or Préfecture de department, or sometimes on their respective website. The landlord must fill in the standard form in taking reference to the official documents provided by the Mairie or Préfecture. The landlord must give one copy to the tenant dated of less than 6 months prior to the signing of the tenancy agreement. This report is valid for the whole duration of the tenancy even if renewed. The landlord must add to this ERNT form a statement of any compensation from their insurer for a natural or technological disaster that would have occurred on the property.
  • An Energy Performance Report (‘Diagnostic de Performance Energétique’). is also compulsory. You should have received one when buying your new home since it is also compulsory for all developments which planning permission was asked after July 1st 2007. The report is valid for 10 years. After 10 years find a specialist to undertake this report in the section ‘diagnostic immobilier ‘ of the yellow pages. The price will depend on the surface and type of property (currently you can find such report for circa 150€ for a 2 bedrooms apartment).
  • All the other reports you hear or read about when buying a French property are not required for new homes (lead, termites, asbestos, Carrez, electrical and gas condition report).