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Why buy with us?
  • Registered estate agent under French law with prior experience in property development
  • A one-stop-service based in France: no need to ‘hand you over’ to someone else
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Focus on South of France and in-depth local knowledge
  • Based in South of France where you plan to buy
  • Specialist in new build French property with insider knowledge
  • Bilingual independent and free purchasing help and after sales service
  • Careful selection of property portfolio thanks to former experience in development
of new  build
  • Financial advantages : no estate agent fee
  • Financial advantages : lower notary fees
  • Financial advantages : reduced land taxes
  • Financial advantages : stage payments
  • Peace of mind : no renovation hassle
  • Financial advantages : low maintenance and running costs
  • Peace of mind : secure and regulated buying procedure
  • A personalised home in a wide choice of properties : an extensive choice of property style, type and size
  • Financial advantages : no uncertain & extra costs of renovation
  • Financial advantages : refundable deposit
  • Guaranteed quality : modern comfort and safety in well-designed home
  • Guaranteed quality : latest building regulations
  • Guaranteed quality : lower energy costs
  • Financial advantages : better resale & letting potential
  • Peace of mind : financial guarantee of completion
  • A personalised home in a wide choice of properties
  • Peace of mind : a ready-to-move-in property
  • Guaranteed quality : easier to let property

Step 1 : from reservation contract to cooling of period

Reservation contract and refundable deposit

After visiting a few properties you will make up your mind on the chosen one. To reserve it you will be required to sign a preliminary contract or reservation contract, called ‘contrat de réservation’ and make a refundable deposit of between 2 to 5%, as opposed to 10% when buying a resale French property. The deposit is of 5% if the final deed of sales is signed within 1 year after the signing of the reservation contract, which is generally the case. It is 2% if the final deed of sales is signed between 1 and 2 years. Beyond 2 years, there is no deposit required. The deposit is refundable if you change your mind within 7 days after receiving your reservation contract back by recorded delivery (see bellow) or under the following circumstances: the price exceeds by 5% the price foreseen, the specifications stated in the deed of sale do not correspond to the ones stated in the reservation contract provided it lowers the building value by 10%, if you are not allowed the mortgage you needed, if the deed of sales does not occur within the period indicated in the reservation contract.
The reservation contract means that the developer is commited to book the chosen property (but not obliged to sell it to you). Along with the reservation contract come the following documents:

  • the property description (living surface, number of rooms, plot surface and annexes)
  • a site map stating the number of apartments or houses and their direction
  • a list of the specifications and the material used
  • the price
  • the date for the signing of the definitive deed of sales with a notary
  • the features of the mortgage needed to finance the purchase
  • the conditions under which the buyer can claim the deposit back
  • the Natural and Technological Risk Statement (document compulsory for any property purchase in France in towns where a risk prevention plan has been drawn. If so, the Natural & Technological Risks Plan states if the town is located in an area with risks of flooding, earthquake, ground movements, drought, avalanches…and for technological risks, toxic risks, thermic risks etc…).
  • the lease to the resort management company

Cooling off period

The reservation contract is signed in double and is then sent back to the developer to be countersigned. The developer must send you a copy back by recorded mail. This can take a few days during which you can already think about your purchase. When you have received your copy of the contract countersigned by the property developer starts a 7 days period, called cooling off period during which you may withdraw without any reason (exactly the period starts the day after the 1st day the recorded mail was presented). A section of the contract is dedicated to the withdrawal and is pre-redacted and you just have to fill it in and send it by recorded mail. Your deposit will be refunded without any penalty within 3 months at most.
If you choose to go with your purchase you must now be ready with your mortgage (if you need one) within one month