Although bathed by the Ocean the gastronomy in Landes is rather based on earth produce, maybe because there are but a few harbours on the coast and maybe because the inland economy is based upon agriculture. In the many food markets you will then find good locally-grown produce, sometimes even with the French organic label “AB” (Agriculture Biologique). The soil being sandy it offers great conditions to grow good vegetable. Asparagus is star on spring markets and so are strawberries.

The gastronomy in Landes (and in South West of France in general) is based on poultry, such as free range chicken of Saint Server, and above all duck and geese which provide “foie gras”, “confit de canard”, duck breast that you can taste all at once in the famous “salade landaise”. The typical dessert is an apple pie with a very fine crust and a hint of Armagnac liquor called “pastis landais”. As for beef it is proudly represented by a local type very savoury called "Boeuf de Chalosse".

Wines and vineyards



Curiously Landes is with one of the very few areas in the South of France without vineyards! This is because the department is covered by the widest forest in Europe.

Hopefully the Landes are at the junction of different vineyards and even surrounded by vine growing areas starting to the North by the most famous and widest vineyard of Bordeaux which is just a 1hr drive. To the East a 2 hrs drive will take you to the Marmandais vineyard and a bit further to the famous Bergerac vineyard, Monbazillac, Duras, Pécharmant, and Montravel.

When going South towards the Pyrenees you will cross the Madiran, Pacherenc and Jurançon vineyards and of course the famous Armagnac vineyard.
Cognac vineyard in Charente, up North is not very far either.